Rocco "Rocky" Longo

Motion Graphics, Inc. is dedicated to the patriarch of our family, Rocco (Rocky) Longo, who passed away in 2001. He instilled in us a sense of pride and inspired all of us to hone and use our talents to do something remarkable.

Rocky was an incredibly talented man who spent his years as an artist both privately and professionally. His career spanned more than 50 years of creating main and ancillary film titles. During the 40 years he spent at Pacific Title and Art Studio, Rocky became one of the few artists with the necessary skill to freehand letters on glass against background art to create memorable titles for films like The Sound of Music and Mutiny on the Bounty, as well as uniquely creative titles for films like The Music Man.

While the Pacific Title archives were able to preserve Rocky’s precious art on a business level, they could never be capable of demonstrating just what Rocky meant on a personal level to all of us. Affectionately known as “the man with the camera,” no family event was complete without countless feet of film shot to capture all of the good times we shared. He was always concerned about how to preserve those memories.

After having spent a significant portion of his childhood in an orphanage, Rocky innately understood the importance of family and never took it for granted. He did everything he could to memorialize and preserve our good times, which only grew more precious over the years. We grew up watching ourselves on screen with Rocky’s own original narration and titles.

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