The Shoebox


1 Box can contain the following:

  • 3 tapes or films (you can mix it up)
  • 75 photos (max) and it can be any mixture of prints, slides, or negative

The Process:

  1. We send you a box, free of charge
  2. You fill it up and send it back, free of charge
  3. We’ll charge your card for final shipping when we send back to you your original memories + the newly digitized memories — “Final Price will vary slightly based on final shipping”

We recommend digital hard drive for permanent archiving of you memories, especially since DVDs will soon be obsolete!

Click Here to Add a 32 GB Flash Drive for $19.95

Click Here to Add a 1 TB Flash Drive for $69.95

Click Here to Add a 2 TB Flash Drive for $77.00

For our special repeat customers a 10% discount will be credited back to your charge card…  thank you

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32GB Flash Drive