Here’s a list of some Frequently Asked Questions we’ve compiled to help you on this journey

What is film transfer?

Do you have home movies that you’d like to view but can’t? Don’t have a projector? Camcorder out of date or can’t be hooked up to current viewing devices? Transferring your film to a digital output will enable you to view it on a current format and enjoy it for years to come. Today that current format is DVD but there may be other formats coming soon. Our transfer services allow you to transfer to DVD, save to a hard drive, enable on-line sharing – all ways you can watch and share your memories and access content for future formats.

Do I have to sort through and organize my content?

Only if you want your film/photos/slides transferred in chronological order or organized by event. We recommend sorting if you’d like some editing done since we will not know the significance of your content.

How do I begin to sort through all my content?

This can be is a daunting task. You may want to start out sorting by event, then maybe year-by-year or depending on your project needs, by family member for a special presentation.

How do I decide which service to choose?

The important question here is: What do you intend to do with this transfer / presentation? Do you simply want to easily view your content as-is? Are you looking to preserve and pass along your memory? Are you creating a presentation for a special event (i.e. an Anniversary, Birthday, etc.) or a keepsake for someone special? Do you want to do something unique with your memories? Once these questions are answered, we can give you our professional guidance. Not only are we here to help with your digital transfers, we are your “partner in preservation”.

Can I edit my own content?

Editing content from a DVD is very difficult and not recommended. If your content is transferred to a hard drive, your content can be edited using general software products for that purpose.

How does advance editing work?

Our Advanced Editing process can be completed with minimal involvement. Our editors can use their judgment to highlight special moments and create a nice product. A premium product can require more involvement, especially if you opt to add voice-over or music. We’d like to get your input and feedback so that your memories are preserved precisely the way you want them to be.  Contact us for details.

How long will my order take?

We understand that parting with your memories is a big step and that you will be anxious to have them returned. While our first priority is doing a quality job with your transfers, turnaround time is important to us as well. Timing estimates are based on the size / depth of your projects along with our current workload. We’ll work with you on presentation / project deadlines to the best of our ability but plenty of lead-time on more premium event-specific presentations is recommended. We can expedite as necessary with additional charge quoted at the time of your order.

How do I package and ship my film?

When you select one of our special boxes all the difficulties of handling your items is made simple. When you buy a box, we send you a shipping box, you fill it with your items and affix the return label and take it to the post office or FedEx. Sending your items to us is postage free. All you have to do is fill the box and send it back to us.  You can order without selecting a box, but you have to find an appropriate box, and pay the shipping.

Is shipping safe?

When you send us one of our special boxes we use reliable carrier such as FedEx or UPS. When we send your items and our digitized items back to you we use the same reliable carrier. We will notify you by email when we’re ready to ship your finished product and provide you with the tracking number.

What will you happen when you receive my order?

Here is what to expect when we receive your order:

We first cross check the items in the box with your on line order and all your items are placed in special secure carriers to the digitizing stations. If you have provided any special instructions these are given to the digitizing operator. These are checked off as done.

How is my project and film returned to me?

Once your job is complete all your items are placed in the same box we received them, along with our digitized items, DVD and/or Hard drives, and a document describing the work we did for you. The box is sent back to you using FedEx UPS or USPS.  You will be notified by email when your job is complete and what the final shipping costs will be. (Unless you purchase from our Box Collection where shipping is free)

What video tape formats do you accept?

Customary videotape formats include VHS, VHS-C, Video-8, Hi-8, Digital-8.

Can I combine multiple video tapes to create a single DVD?

DVDs will hold a limited amount of video information. We’ll put as many items as we can onto one DVD unless you give us specific instructions on where to make a separation. Your order will include as many DVDs as necessary (or as instructed) to hold all of your high quality images and film.

Do your DVDs include a navigation menu and chapters?

No. However, if more than one of your items fit onto a single DVD then there will be an opening screen with buttons for each item we digitized that you can select.

Will I be able to edit the video/film myself?

If you opt to have your items archived on a hard drive, each one of your items will appear as a separate file that you can run on your computer and you can edit, as you desire.

How much will it cost to purchase a hard drive?

Motion Graphics can supply a hard drive for a nominal cost. You will be presented with the options and cost in the website cart.

Can I use my own hard drive?

Yes, you can provide your own hard drive. Please send it with your package. The hard drive you send should not have files on it. Any information currently residing on the hard drive will be deleted when it is reformatted. We format the hard drive so that it can be used by both Macs and PCs.  There is no additional charge to format your hard drive.

Will my DVD be compatible with all DVD players?

We use DVD-R format, which is supported by most DVD players. Please check manufacturer specifications if you feel your DVD player requires a non-standard format.  If you have a problem, come back and we’ll troubleshoot for you.

What if my videos have copyrighted material?

We do not transfer copyrighted or illegal material.

Do you keep a copy of my order in case I need another copy?

We keep a copy of your order for a short time and delete them when our server is full and we need more room. The oldest work is deleted first.  We can accommodate longer storage if necessary, please call us for a quote.

How many feet of film can fit onto one DVD?

That depends on the quality level of the transfer. You’ll want the highest quality possible to reproduce what’s on the film accurately. You don’t want to reduce the quality in order to put more content onto the DVD. Your order will include as many DVDs as necessary (or as instructed) to hold all of your film content.

Can you add background music to my project?

This is considered advanced editing. Please contact us for details/quote.

What makes you different from other transfer companies?

Our dedication to your memories comes from our own experience with transferring treasured moments of our own. We’d like to be your “partners in preservation,” producing the best possible product so you can keep these memories alive and available to future generations.

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