Apr 04, 2017

Preserving memories on a Hard Drive

It wasn’t long ago that digital images were a thing in sci-fi movies. The only true way to preserve images was to create physical photo albums and display them on our coffee tables. Films were placed in a box in our garage or attic and would make an appearance from time to time whenever dad was in the mood to set up the clunky projector. Unfortunately, the photo albums eventually joined the film and tapes in the box and for the most part were left alone and forgotten.

With advancements in digitizing we are now able to preserve our old pictures, film, videos and slides on DVD or on a hard drive. These memories can now be viewed once again using modern technology.
When deciding how you want Motion Graphics to preserve your memories, you have the option of a DVD or a Hard drive. below are some points to keep in mind when selecting a Hard Drive:

Hard Drive Cons

  • Non Tech Savvy need a computer to open it
  • More expensive to replace

Hard Drive Pros

  • Archival and great for posterity; if you want to create a library of memories
  • Can become a family heirloom
  • Your images and video can be edited with software
  • Customizable and shareable data
  • Ensures preservation without further deterioration
  • Can burn to DVD from hard drive if desired
  • Can add to the library as you convert more memories

If you are not sure if a hard drive is right for you, please call us so we can guide you and answer any question you may have. Our job is to help you preserve your memories your job is to enjoy your memories again and again.

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